Do not start a car! Do not know the reason! Do not know where to start and where to drive for repairs? Then just call NAZAR SERVICES!


We'll come by ourselves! Let's do the diagnosis of the car and determine the reason! If possible, we will fix it on the spot and replace the parts and spare parts. Often because of minor malfunctions your car may not start. In some cases, these failures can be eliminated without evacuation to the service station.


The competence of our masters allows us to identify and often eliminate a malfunction on the ground, such as:
- charging (lighting up) and replacing the battery;
- replacement and repair of the generator;
- replacement and repair of the starter;
- replacement of the fuel pump;
- replacement and installation of a bypass belt, rollers, tensioners;
- repair of the running gear and wheel drive;
- check and replace fuses;
- replacement of spark plugs and ignition coils;
- replacement of brake pads and disks;
- replacement of the wheel studs;
- replacement of additional equipment of the engine.


Modern cars are designed so that sometimes without diagnosing the electronic system, it is not possible to establish the cause of the malfunction! The availability of professional diagnostic equipment and the experience of our employees allows us to carry out this work on all car brands over the year 2000. Due to which we can expertly check the preliminary errors in the electronic system of the car.


Also, after setting the reason, if necessary, our service can evacuate the car immediately. You do not need to order and wait for the tow truck. Our partner Autoland service network will repair more complex malfunctions. Autoland has several service centers in different parts of the city, which will also be convenient for you.

Our services are also available outside the city on highways and remote sites!

Car diagnostics – from 5000 tg

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