Warming up the car in winter

It's frosty outside! Do not start your car! So your car is not ready for the cold.

Warming up the car in winter

During severe frosts, those problems of the car that can not start the engine, such as a weak battery, faulty or worn out spark plugs, thickened oil, condensate freezing in the muffler or poor fuel quality, are manifested during severe frosts. We will reanimate your car without much difficulty! All these reasons can be eliminated on the spot without evacuation to the SRT. Thus you save money and precious time!


Before starting the warm-up procedure, our specialists evaluate the condition of the car and carry out car diagnostics in order to exclude other possible causes. For this, the mobile complex is equipped with the necessary professional tools. Our specialists will check the fuel supply system, the electronic engine management system, the state of the battery charge, the condition of the spark plugs and the spark supply, the presence and condition of the oil in the engine.


We are aimed to identify and eliminate the reasons why your car does not start in extreme frost! In our work we use professional equipment and tools for high-quality and safe performance of work. Our specialists are trained and treat your property carefully. Also, if you need a replacement, we have in stock batteries of the world brands Bosch, Giga Watt, spark plugs Denso, Bosch, NJK and other spare parts.

Recommendation: it is not recommended to try to start a car on its own or with the help of non-professional services, to warm up with an open fire, to charge (lighten) the battery from cars, to evacuate using a tug. All these actions can lead to more serious breakdowns, correspondingly higher costs!

Price – 10000- 15000 tg

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