Seasonal tire replacement

Our company is engaged in a comprehensive tire replacement with direct access to your home or office. To feel confident on the road, it is important to have a good grip.


When changing tires or wheels, the whole process chain is observed. Our mobile complex is equipped with European equipment (Corghi-Italy, Hoffman-Germany) based on the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which allows performing works of high quality and all types of complexities (tire sizes, special tires, Run Flat). When carrying out tire replacement work, our experienced specialists will check the condition of your tires, the presence of damage, wear and tread depth and give the necessary advice. Particular attention is paid to proper balancing with the use of high- quality and new materials, a special mounting paste is used. At the end of the installation of wheels, the mandatory procedure is tightening the wheel nuts and bolts with a torque wrench. Torque tightening with a torque wrench is a guarantee of safety on the roads and does not lead to a breakdown and constriction of nuts and bolts. The complex replacement of tires is accompanied by seasonal storage of tires in specialized warehouses. Seasonal storage of tires includes transportation to the warehouse. With our service you save time and re-training will be a matter of one call!

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