Replacement of spark plugs and coils

The spark plug and ignition coil are the most important elements for the operation of the gasoline engine for all cars.


A spark plug is a device for igniting a fuel-air mixture in gasoline internal combustion engines. The ignition is performed by an electric discharge with a voltage of several thousand or tens of thousands of volts, arising between the electrodes of the candle. The spark plug is the decisive factor in determining the optimum performance and reliable operation of the gasoline engine. The purpose of the spark plug is to supply the high voltage generated in the ignition coil to the combustion chamber and ignite the fuel / air mixture.
The ignition coil (or ignition module) is an element of the car's ignition system, which converts the low voltage of the on-board network into a high-voltage pulse. The high voltage that occurs in the ignition coil causes a spark to form between the spark plug electrodes and ignites the fuel / air mixture.


The safety of the gasoline engine depends on how often the spark plugs change. Electrodes, which regularly perform their functions, should not be coated, put an electric discharge with sufficient voltage. If the circuit does not work correctly, and the reason for this can be both contamination and failure, the part must be replaced. If the car jerks when driving, the starter does not work immediately, and in order to start the car, several idle turns are required, if fuel consumption increases and the engine dynamics decreases - the time comes when the spark plugs need to be changed.New cars are equipped with an on-board computer that prompts the driver with the help of an indication on the dashboard Check Engine, which indicates the problems in the engine of the car. To reduce misfiring in the engine and to maintain its maximum performance, it is important to change the spark plugs, while they are just beginning to wear out. Candle manufacturers determine the period of operation, depending on the materials from which the electrodes are made. So, for classical candles, the average service life is no more than 50 thousand kilometers of run (30-35 thousand km). For platinum and iridium - no more than 90 thousand kilometers of run. Naturally, these figures can be adjusted depending, for example, on what quality of gasoline is poured into the car, and in what state is the engine itself.


The selection of spark plugs should be taken very responsibly. Due to improper selection of spark plugs, the engine malfunctions and in some cases it does not start. Automakers recommend certain types of spark plugs for specific car brands. The main characteristic of this device is the glow number, which depends on the heat transfer efficiency of the structure and the so-called thermal cone. This parameter is determined in a special laboratory for each type of product. The most correct and guaranteed way to select ignition sweeps is to select the VIN code.


If you need to replace the spark plugs or coil there is no need to drive to the SRT and to the spare parts store. It is enough to call and our masters will make a replacement on your way to your car. Also pick up and bring quality candles at affordable prices. In order to correctly pick up the candles you need to transfer the VIN car code or characteristics.

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